Residential Services


Window Cleaning

Whether you’re sitting inside on the couch or standing outside on the sidewalk, eyes tend to gravitate towards the glass. While it is true that windows are a functional tool in any home, they are also one of the biggest design advantages – having the ability to turn a normal space into a stop-in-your-tracks one.

We clean your windows, you just relax! Forget about the hassle of window cleaning and let us worry about it for you. Whether you’re looking to make a good impression on your neighbors or guests, enjoy a better view or get more sunshine into your home, Dan’s Window Cleaning is the solution to all your window cleaning needs.

Superior Service – that’s the foundation on which we built Dan’s Window Cleaning. Our goal is always to offer our clients premium services and the best possible results. You can rest assured that your home is in good hands!

Forget about homemade cleaning solutions you might have read about online. Our technicians use only the best, environmentally-friendly tools and practices to remove dirt, pollen, and dust.

We hold our team to the highest standards of professionalism and ensure that they are delivering excellent services every single time.

We’ll wash your windows until they’re spotless.
We can clean the screens, grids, tracks, and sills as well.
We’ll take care of those tricky places you cannot reach.

Window cleaning can be a tedious task – we don’t have to tell you that. But, then again, there’s something about a transparent, completely clean window that instantly improves the curb appeal of any home.
So, you try your best to make your windows shine bright like a diamond. But, in spite of the expensive products or clever DIY tips you’re using, you’re facing the same problems over and over again:

Tedious Streaks: No matter what you use, it seems that those lines are there to stay, and they pop out even more on a sunny day.

Dirty Exteriors: There’s more to a window than just the glass panel, but as hard as you try, there are some areas you just can’t reach. The windowsills, in particular, are the first to get dirty, and the hardest to clean.

Mildew or Dirty Frames: You spend half a day washing them, and a few days later they look like you haven’t scrubbed them in years.

Dirty Screens and Shades: They might not be so obvious, but your screens and shades could also use a good cleaning.

You won’t find any off-the-shelf remedies from the Dan’s Window Cleaning crew. All of our cleaning solutions are specially created to remove dirt, dust, pollen, and even the most persistent debris. We diligently wash your panes until they’re spotless, then we dry them thoroughly so they’re completely streak-free.

Because your window involves a whole lot more than mere glass, we also clean the screens, tracks, grids, and sills. Our team doesn’t just want to give you cleaner windows…We want to create a completely flawless result.

Your home has so much to gain when you choose Dan’s Window Cleaning Service. Your clean panes will deliver:

  • Instant curb appeal
  • Better ambience on the inside and outside
  • Improved natural lighting
  • Reduced heating costs
  • Longer-lasting windows


Pressure Washing

Stains on your driveway, splotches on your sidewalk, buildup in your garage…These issues are commonplace in almost every home, but they go a long way in bringing down your curb appeal. Additionally, dirty hardscapes can even compromise the safety and environmental health of your home. Dan’s Window Cleaning secures the appeal and condition of your property with pressure washing. Our mobile team will come to you and take care of the works, leaving you to enjoy the transformative result.

Pressure Washing and Your Property: A Perfect Match
At Dan’s Window Cleaning we make sure our customers get the best possible cleaning services. Our team of professionals will get the job done and leave your property spotless, without any hassle on your part. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the results.

Vehicle fluid and oil leaks, bird droppings, dirt, and food like chewing gum put your property at a disadvantage. They create a careworn look, but they also make your space less safe. Pressure washing is the only way to remove all of these issues in a way that is effective and comprehensive. We offer:

  • Home exterior pressure washing
  • Garage pressure washing
  • Garage bay pressure washing
  • Deck pressure washing
  • Patio pressure washing
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • … And more!

Dan’s Window Cleaning will always bring our power washing technology to your property, where we can apply it with care to the designated area. With precision and attention to detail, our team will remove stains, buildup, and restore your building to its rightful spotless state.

After we’ve pressure washed your property, you get to enjoy all the benefits of your newly clean space. They include:

  • Curb appeal
  • Better quality and longer lasting surfaces
  • Environmental safety

Your home deserves the best, and so do you! Get your free estimate from Dan’s Window Cleaning to get access to service that stands a cut above. Relax…and we’ll take care of everything.

With all the tools available online at the simple touch of a button, you might think you can take care of this problem on your own.

Make things easier for you and hire a professional team to get the job done. You’ll minimize your efforts and get far better results and faster than if you were to do it on your own.

Hiring a pro has offers many benefits, including:

● It saves time and energy;

● Pro equipment ensures better results than commercial ones;

● A professional crew can clean even the areas that seem unreachable. Also, the cleaning solutions they use make sure mildew stays gone for a long time;

● It improves your home’s look;

● It makes your home a safer environment for children.



When was the last time you thought about cleaning your gutters? It’s probably been a while since we don’t really think about them unless something goes wrong. Not to mention, cleaning them is a job most people don’t look forward to. Climbing ladders and getting on the roof trying to reach those tight areas can make gutter cleaning an arduous and dangerous task.

However, keeping your gutters clean is one of the most important maintenance tasks. Not only will it maximize the appeal of your gutters, it will also ensure that your home stays in top condition.

Our professional gutter cleaning services will take this task off your hands and leave you with fully functional gutters.

We take gutters seriously. They might seem like glorified troughs, but in reality, they’re the things that keep your home in great condition — rain or shine. Dan’s Window Cleaning uses our professional expertise to protect the well being of your home with our gutter cleaning services.

Our corner of Colorado sees it all: We’re no stranger to sun, rain, snow, and everything in between. Because of this, our gutters are almost always working overtime. When they’re functional, they keep water damage, insect infestation, and mold issues at bay. But when they’re clogged, they can’t perform their duty. Then your home – and all of its inhabitants – suffer. In order to prevent damage to your gutters and your home, it is recommended that your gutters be cleaned out once or twice per year.

Dan’s Window Cleaning provides gutter cleaning services that ensure your gutters are ready to handle anything!

After you’ve submitted your free estimate and we’ve scheduled an appointment at your convenience, our team will come to your property with the expertise needed to get your gutters back on track. We…

  • Prepare the workspace by removing furniture, lawn decor, and other outdoor elements
  • Remove leaves, sticks, and buildup from your gutters
  • Pay special attention to the downspouts and elbows, which are clog-prone areas
  • Clean up, pack up, and let you enjoy the result

We also provide add-on services, including gutter flow inspection and exterior gutter washing. These options maximize the longevity and curb appeal of your gutters. Clean gutters equal a home that lasts longer and one that looks better. Get the best of both worlds with Dan’s Window Cleaning!

Your gutters are vital to keeping your home safe. Clean gutters funnel rain or melting snow from your roof into your draining system. That keeps water away from the foundation of your home and protects its structural integrity.

Leaves and debris that accumulates over time can clog the drainage system, causing it to overflow and flood your basement. That can lead to serious damages to your home and backyard.

If you want to keep your gutters functioning properly year round, you should clean them at least twice a year or even more if you have a lot of trees around your house. While it might be tempting to do it yourself, we recommend you hire a professional team to take care of your gutter cleaning needs.

● It’s Safe: Cleaning the gutters means you’ll have to work high above the ground. Keeping your balance on a ladder while trying to remove debris can be tricky especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

● It’s Time Effective: If your home is rather big, it can take half a day to clean your gutters properly. And, we all know, you don’t have that kind of time on your hands.

● It’s Not As Easy As It Sounds: Gutter cleaning seems like a fairly simple task. However, accessing the gutter can be quite problematic without the right equipment. Certain house designs and architectures can make it difficult to reach certain areas and remove debris.

With everything we do, we strive to give our customers the best services and offer them a team they can trust: on time, professional, fast, and reliable.

Here’s what we can do for you:

● Remove all surrounding furniture, decor, and other outdoor objects to ensure nothing gets damaged in the process;

● Clean out the leaves, sticks, and other types of debris piled in the gutters;

● Check the elbows and downspouts, two places most likely to clog;

● Clean up and put everything back in its place;

As a bonus, we can also offer extra services like gutter flow inspection or exterior washing. These options increase the functionality and longevity of your gutters.

Fast, reliable, and hassle-free, contact Dan’s Window Cleaning whenever it’s time to clean your gutters or perform regular maintenance.



Screen Repair

We don’t live amongst that crisp mountain air for nothing. But when your screens aren’t ready for you to throw open the windows, it makes it tough to enjoy the benefits. At Dan’s Window Cleaning, we provide screen repair that will get you ready to enjoy that beautiful Colorado weather!

“We’ve got a solution for every window issue.” With the expertise of Dan’s Window Cleaning, you’ll get all the good stuff: Fast service, reliable results, and professional expertise. Every member of our team is fully trained and licensed to get your windows – and their screens – back in optimal condition.

How We Repair Your Screens
Our team knows how much our clients rely on functional screens – and curb appeal doesn’t hurt. We’re proud to deliver a service that:

  • Restores your screening material
  • Fixes basic framing issues

Like most property issues, broken screens don’t consider your schedule. During those times, Dan’s Window Cleaning is here to help. Our simple, free estimate system makes it easy to get transparent service when you need it, so you can return to normal in record time.

We know firsthand what fresh air and wide open views can do for a home or business, and we’re committed to making your property better with our screen repair services. Get results that matter with Dan’s Window Cleaning!


Handyman Services

Certain jobs just require that expert touch. Dan’s Window Cleaning is here to wear the maintenance hat that your property needs. Our handyman services bring a better solution to you!

Just like you wouldn’t have an unskilled mechanic attend to your car, you shouldn’t have a novice take care of your property needs. Every member of the Dan’s Window Cleaning team has the training, credentials, and tools that it takes to get you an easy solution.

Too often, property needs fall victim to quick fixes that don’t last. Our team truly solves the problem, so you can get great quality that lasts from the moment we lay down our tools.

If something is standing between you and a well-functioning property, it’s time for Dan’s Window Cleaning to step in. Our team has the expertise to get you a solid solution – we offer what you need, when you need it, no fuss. Our handyman services include:

Our handyman services include:

  • Light fixture and chandelier installation
  • Minor electrical fixes
  • Plumbing repair
  • Fence repair
  • Home safety fixes including lightbulb and smoke detector battery replacement

Get an expert solution from Dan’s Window Cleaning. Our convenient scheduling, get-it-right-the-first-time attitude, and attention to detail ensure that you’re getting a great solution.

Get your free estimate to learn more about handyman services we offer!


Painting & Staining

What a difference a fresh coat of paint can make! Get proof of impact from the experts. Dan’s Window Cleaning provides painting & staining services for all of your residential needs.

The market offers an overwhelming selection of paints, sealers, primers, and stains. But this variety also represents an extensive range in quality. Our team will work with you to find products that will be of lasting benefit to your home, and we always work within your specified budget to make it work.

Diving into a painting or staining project can feel overwhelming. We minimize the stress by providing detailed consultation throughout the process, so you can feel like every choice you’re making is a smart one.

Regularly stained wood doesn’t just present a decorative benefit – it also improves the durability of your surfaces. We provide:

  • Fence staining
  • Deck staining
  • Porch staining
  • … And more!

Our staining services are geared to strengthen resistance to the elements and improve the lifetime of your deck, porch, fence, and more. The icing on the cake? It’ll look polished!

Whether your porch needs a fresh coat of paint of your home needs a complete painting overhaul, Dan’s Window Cleaning has our brushes and rollers ready for action. We deliver:

  • Porch painting
  • Interior room painting
  • Trim painting
  • Door, bannister, and detail painting

From priming to touch ups, we leave you with a clean, crisp result.

Dan’s Window Cleaning is here to help you with painting and staining needs. Start with your free estimate and leave the rest to us!


Garage & Basement Cleanout

There are always those parts of your home that seem to be a magnet for junk. You don’t completely know how it all got there, and you tend to only realize how big the issue is when you’re ready to clean up.

Dan’s Window Cleaning understands how overwhelming a packed basement can be, and how intimidating it is to tackle a packed garage. Our garage and basement cleanout services are structured to get you a clean, usable space – no fuss.

We’ve got a thing for junk. Our team will return your clean, organized space to you – no stress, just results. We:

  • Remove unwanted junk
  • Organize it for safe disposal
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Sweep
  • Organize

Whether your garage is packed to the ceiling or just needs a tidy, Dan’s Window Cleaning is here to help. We perform basement and garage cleanouts for a range of clients big and small, and many customers count on us for:

  • Move-in/move-out cleaning
  • Spring cleaning (the concept applies every season of the year!)
  • Ongoing property cleaning
  • Post construction clean-out

You should be able to pull your car into the garage without a care; you should be able to walk down into the basement without trepidation. Dan’s Window Cleaning makes it happen with our cleanout services. Reach out for your free estimate to solve that clutter issues once and for all!